Spring Quarter 2014 Learning Studios

There are four main types of learning opportunities at MC2:  personal life experiences, learning studios, treks, and citizenship internships.  As students take more ownership of their learning and become more self-directed, they are encouraged to design learning opportunities for themselves and for others, in collaboration with a faculty member.

Personal Life Experiences

Students are encouraged to view learning as ongoing and throughout their lives, rather than something that ends when they leave the school building. Any experience a student has that enables him or her to learn may be documented for school credit. Documentation includes providing artifacts (evidence of the work) and completing a work sample (reflection on the learning).

Learning Studios

Learning studios focus on life-roles, relevant issues, and personal perspectives. Students integrate their knowledge and understanding through a variety of challenge-based activities that promote critical thinking, collaboration, and self-reflection.


Field experiences provide students opportunities to develop skills and apply learning in meaningful settings. Treks aim to engage students’ sense of curiosity, wonder, and exploration while promoting lifelong learning and developing skills, knowledge, and good judgment.

Citizenship Internships

Students build academic, personal, and workplace skills through one on one relationships with an adult mentor doing meaningful work outside the school building.

Student Work