Thanks for your interest in becoming a potential mentor for one of our
student interns!

At Making Community Connections, all students are required to have a
minimum of four internships before they can graduate high school. It is in
those internships that our students gain invaluable life skills not
necessarily found within the traditional classroom setting. Beyond the
academic benefits this experience affords our students, is the window it
gives them for life after high school.

By partnering with MC2, you and your business literally let our students
“try it before they buy it”. Our students broad interests lead them all
over our community, and they might only have a small idea of what it takes
to do your job day in and day out. The benefits they would receive from
learning from your expertise truly cannot be matched.

So how does all this work? What are the details? Do I have to grade

Your responsibilities as a mentor are nothing beyond what you already do on
a daily basis. You would now simply have a student intern to shadow you, or
take care of tasks and special projects as you see fit. Some projects that
previous interns have accomplished range from everything from writing
standard operating procedures (SOPs) for a highly compartmentalized
company, to learning carburetor rebuilds at a local small time mechanic and
everything in between, to student teaching a math lesson to third graders.

The hidden benefit of being a part of all these great learning
opportunities is that you are connected to a vast network other business
leaders and partners in your area. People who you might not otherwise have
a connection with, but can be easily and quickly put in contact with.

Still interested in becoming an MC2 mentor? Email your local internship
coordinator to talk!

– Monadnock Region: email Elizabeth
– Manchester Region: email Sherry