MC2 Monadnock Graduate

Westfield State College Graduate
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Interview with Andy Crawford

As you are transitioning to a new learning environment, how are you enjoying the experience? What is your favorite part, what is your least favorite part?
I enjoyed the experience immensely. My favorite part was how prepared I felt in college. I was able to manage my time well, direct myself and create meaningful relationships with my peers. My least favorite part was that many classes did not offer the individual direction that I am used to. However, I did not found this to be a problem.

What is your favorite memory from MC2?
My work with the Chesterfield Police Department was one of the best times in my life. The personal growth and change that happened in me while on this internship was phenominal and the contacts met there still benefit me today.

What was your funniest moment at MC2?
One of the funniest things I can remember is Anthony. He always entertained me and made me laugh.

Who from MC2 has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
Both Ed and Elizabeth had enormous impacts on me, and in different ways. Ed helped me write my first “college level” paper, and I cannot thank him enough for the hours of near individual attention he paid to me and my paper. This skill has proven crucial in college. Elizabeth had a great impact on my from a much less objective point of view. She was always there, providing uncompromising support and encouragement throughout my high school career. It was through much of her “tough love” that I grew into the student and person that I am today.

What was been biggest challenge you’ve faced in the transition from MC2 to Westfield State?
Honestly, the only thing that was difficult was being away from the friends that I had met at MC2. It was very different going from a community where I did not feel out of place hugging any single member of the community into one where I knew absolutely no one and everyone was a little on guard for the first few weeks.

How well do you feel MC2 prepared you for the college experience?
I feel as if I was one of the most prepared students in my circle of friends at college. Many students did not seem to be able to manage their time, and kept looking for external motivation and instruction. I had the skills and the mindset which enabled me to be self sufficient and produce exceptional results my first semester.

If you could give one piece of advice to the current MC2 students, what would it be?
If the program feels right for you, even if it is difficult, stick with it. This program is not right for everybody, but if you are one of those students who it does work for, you must stay with it. The results that will come of an education of this kind are unbelievable.

How has MC2 supported you since graduating?
Several times MC2 offered me use of equipment and facilities for college projects, things that they certainly had no obligation to do. I was always met with warm smiles and support whenever I walked in the doors, even though I was no longer a student there. I really feel like I am still a part of the school community.