Image result for project foundry logoWe use a digital portfolio management system called Project Foundry to help collect, analyze, and communicate student progress and accomplishment in real-time. Believe it or not, much of this work used to be done with paper copies or individual digital files for every item of student work, and it would take hundreds of hours at the end of each quarter for students to eventually find out what the status of their progress was, what their habits Image result for checklist successlooked like, and if they’d earned any checklist competencies.

Our digital management system helps automate and centralize most of this information so students and teachers can interact more quickly and help students accomplish more of their checklist goals!

Below are links to our homemade videos designed to help you click your way to Project Foundry familiarity. Please use the videos below to learn some of the basic “moves” essential to Learning Teams, and feel free to email MC2 staff if you have a request for any other specific videos!

For parents and guardians, we have videos detailing:

  • how to log into Project Foundry
  • how to read and respond to EOD journals
  • a brief overview tour of Project Foundry
  • how to review your students’ habits (a.k.a. the “habit heat map”)

And for all our newest students- click-by-click reminders of how to write an EOD Journal in Project Foundry: