Latest TEDxMC2School NEWS: Videos are up!

The organizing team for TEDxMC2School would like to extend our most sincere gratitude for the phenomenal outpouring of support and enthusiasm for our inaugural event this past Saturday. This July, six MC2 Charter School Students took on the task of curating an entire virtual TEDx event in 15 weeks, and celebrated our community spirit with nine speakers who gave six thoughtful talks.

We’d like to thank again: Jac Clark, Emily Martin, Katrina Nugent, Dr. Yves Gakunde, Karen Carrien, Jude Grophear, Sarah Foucher, Laura Garrett, and Jamison Curcio for helping us build community together. We’d also like to thank Corinne Marcou from TEDxKeene, and the team at the Hannah Grimes Center for making everything possible.

Thank You!

See our team’s response to some post-TEDx Q&A:

TEDxMC2School 2020 Theme: Building Community Together

2020 Speakers We are amazed and grateful for the community partners willing to share their talents and ideas on our TEDx Stage. Make sure you join us to hear the following speakers:

Yves Gakunde:
Introspective, Small Steps for Making a Difference

Sarah Foucher, Laura Garrett, and Jamison Curcio:
“Holding US”

Karen Carrien and Jude Grophear:
“What’s Going On for You?”

Jac Clark:
Nurturing the Roots of Belonging

Emily Martin:
An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

Katrina Nugent:
The  Hope of Prevention

2020 Schedule 

Organizing Team

About TED and TEDx

This event is operated under license from TED.